Our Evolution

2000: Brown and Zondag were asked to create a treasury management division at a large commercial bank and begin working with customers in the class action/complex litigation industry in tandem with large public depositors and corporate treasurers.

2005: Brown and Zondag start First Wisconsin Bank & Trust and continue to work with large corporate trust clients in commercial banking. They continue to expand offerings to the class action sector while deepening bank relationships around the Midwest. It is in this role as founders of this commercial bank they decide to strategically utilize their trust and treasury management experience to give clients a unique experience of products and services not found in traditional bank settings.

2009: First Wisconsin Bank & Trust becomes the fastest growing de novo bank in Wisconsin history and is sold at a premium, ADM is then born. Brown and Zondag start The American Deposit Management Company with its 1,500 square foot office in Glendale, WI.

2010: ADM, who had already established itself as a fund administration powerhouse, is now working with public entities around the Midwest in their cash management strategies.

2011: ADM continues its growth and opens first satellite office in St. Paul, Minnesota and has nine employees.

2012: This was a pivotal year for the company. ADM relocates to 10,000 square feet in Delafield, Wisconsin and expands product offerings to public and private clients to include American Payment Solutions™; a payment enhancement protocol that provides seamless reporting and rebate sharing. ADM is also successful in drafting legislation that will add new investment options for public depositors in the State of Wisconsin. In 2012, ADM Consulting, LLC. is born as a result of clients looking for solutions in-house both with financial and human resources professionals.

2013: ADM is awarded the US Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Business of the Year Award in Washington, D.C. and creates partnerships to enhance its work in the Mass Tort and Class Action Fund Administration space. This year also saw growth in employees and locations as two new locations were added in Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona.

2014: In early 2014, Brown and Zondag are awarded the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Emerging Business Persons of the Year award and staff increases by 21% in January 2014.