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Max DashboardMAX is an online service designed to help high net worth professionals optimize their returns on cash. Doctors, lawyers, bankers, traders, investment professionals, business owners and consultants know they ought to be optimizing their portfolios, yet are too busy — and their time is too valuable — for them to adequately focus on active management of their assets. Cash, as an asset class, is often ignored.

MAX presents a compelling solution to a longstanding problem — the near-zero returns on cash offered by most banks and money market funds. By taking advantage of the lower costs and higher rates offered by FDIC-insured online banks, MAX is able to help deliver 0.70% to 0.90% more in interest each year than is otherwise generally available in the market, all within an FDIC-insured environment. The result can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental interest income over a typical investment horizon.


MAX monitors interest rates daily. Once a month, it instructs the transfer of funds among a member’s own bank accounts to help maximize interest income. MAX members retain their existing checking accounts, so direct deposit and bill-pay are unaffected.


MAX helps investors keep their cash within the FDIC insurance limits, up to an aggregate of $1.25 million incremental FDIC insurance coverage per individual or $5 million per couple.*


MAX is not a bank and never takes custody of funds. All funds transfers are handled by a member’s own banks. MAX employs bank-level security systems and procedures, and has been analyzed and tested by the same leading software security firm that is utilized by most of the world’s largest banks.


MAX operates independently. Its website contains no advertising, and member information is kept in strict confidence.

MAX is currently available to individual investors by visiting MAX will soon be available via selected wealth management platforms.

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* Increased FDIC insurance coverage is obtained via a combination of individual and joint accounts at leading FDIC-insured banks. FDIC insurance coverage is provided through the banks, not by Max.

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