The ADM Team
March 14, 2017

Kelly Brown, CEO and managing partner of ADM, is the subject of a recent blog post by Kristina Lazzara, a senior journalism major at Marquette University. Lazzara interviewed Brown to learn how she has balanced family and career, and how the male-dominated field of banking is becoming more open to women and to the needs of families.

The ADM Team
February 22, 2017

Two cash management firms that serve different markets have found that they can help each other.

The American Deposit Management Company (ADM), which manages cash for institutions, and Max My Interest (MAX), which provides the same service for individual investors, formed a cash optimization partnership more than a year ago. The two companies reasoned that high-net-worth individuals also had institutional interests that could benefit from a higher rate of return on ultra-safe deposits, and vice versa. The joint referral program that they created has benefited both companies. 

The ADM Team
February 17, 2017
The Dodd-Frank Act was written in response to the Wall Street crisis of 2008, but many observers believe that its consequences have fallen most heavily on community banks, which were far away from the center of the problems. These banks, concentrated on serving their local economies, make up the majority of ADM's financial partners. For more analysis, click below.